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2.1.0_rc9/  157  11 years  phreak  Version bump; Importing new upstream version
2.1.0_rc8-r1/  101  11 years  phreak  Bumping vserver-sources wrt. Linux-
2.1.0_rc8/  112  11 years  hollow  fix phreaks mess
2.1.0_rc10/  161  11 years  phreak  Adding patchset for 2.1.0_rc10  188  11 years  phreak  Adding initial patchset for
2.1.0-r1/  181  11 years  phreak  Initial version for 2.6.15-vs2.1.0; Just need to wait a bit for the genpatch-peo…
2.1.0/  185  11 years  phreak  Uh? why was/is the vs2.1.0 release missing ?
2.0.1_rc5-r1/  158  11 years  phreak  Adding 2.0.1_rc5-r1 as it's fixing some bugs occuring with reiserfs
2.0.1_rc5/  156  11 years  phreak  Adding patchset for 2.0.1_rc5
2.0.1_rc3-r3/  126  11 years  phreak  Bah, Reminder: If you rev-bump a version, also bump the kernel makefile!
2.0.1_rc3-r2/  101  11 years  phreak  Bumping vserver-sources wrt. Linux-
2.0.1_rc3-r1/  72  11 years  phreak  Adding the patches which are currently in the portage-tree
2.0.1-r1/  182  11 years  phreak  Adding our portage revision to the kernel Makefile
2.0.1/  172  11 years  hollow  2.0.1 released; without split patches.. jee..
2.0-r1/  72  11 years  phreak  Adding the patches which are currently in the portage-tree
mkrelease  187  11 years  phreak  Finally the new name "layout"

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