Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Clean up, use thin manifestsMarkos Chandras2011-09-211-2/+0
* lightdm moved to gx86hwoarang2011-09-174-167/+0
* Install missing files that mysteriously disappearedMarkos Chandras2011-09-162-1/+5
* Fix typo. Output default configurationMarkos Chandras2011-09-162-5/+16
* version bumphwoarang2011-09-163-3/+3
* lightdm: version bumphwoarang2011-09-163-3/+3
* Move gentoo background to a new locationMarkos Chandras2011-09-152-3/+3
* lightdm: Make gtk default when qt4&gtk are enabledMarkos Chandras2011-09-142-2/+4
* Initial commit of lightdmMarkos Chandras2011-09-144-0/+150
* moved to gx86Markos Chandras2011-06-184-81/+0
* Add missing patchMarkos Chandras2011-06-182-0/+4
* First attemp to make obconf compatible with LXDE ;)Markos Chandras2011-06-183-0/+77
* xplanetfx: Initial commit for bug #364071Markos Chandras2011-05-193-0/+93
* On treeMarkos Chandras2009-08-125-114/+0
* Version bumpMarkos Chandras2009-08-122-2/+2
* Replace fperms with chmodMarkos Chandras2009-08-052-3/+3
* Shutter moved to x11-miscMarkos Chandras2009-08-055-0/+114