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* sort the crate listDoug Goldstein2016-11-251-1/+4
* add license infoDoug Goldstein2016-11-252-1/+7
* use an iterator and not a for loopDoug Goldstein2016-11-251-4/+3
* auto-generate version info in templateDoug Goldstein2016-11-252-2/+4
* cleanups from using clippyDoug Goldstein2016-10-191-5/+5
* drop the use of rustacheDoug Goldstein2016-10-022-24/+14
* run rustfmt on the code baseDoug Goldstein2016-10-021-14/+13
* generate initial ebuildDoug Goldstein2016-08-012-5/+85
* initial versionDoug Goldstein2016-08-011-0/+51