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diff --git a/grs/Netboot.py b/grs/Netboot.py
index 1b3ea80..985bcfd 100644
--- a/grs/Netboot.py
+++ b/grs/Netboot.py
@@ -74,6 +74,13 @@ class Netboot(HashIt):
Execute(cmd, timeout=600, logfile=self.logfile, shell=True)
+ ''' The issue here was that busybox was build in the host env like the
+ kernel and that means that we are using the host's ARCH and the cpuflags
+ which are now poluting the initramfs. The better approach to building
+ a kernel and initramfs is to drop the Kernel.py module altogether and
+ emerge genkernel in the fledgeling system via the script directive, set
+ genkernel.conf via the populate directive and then just run genkernel.
# 2.5 Don't trust genkernel's busybox, but copy in our own version
# built in the system chroot. This ensures it will work on the
# target system.
@@ -81,6 +88,7 @@ class Netboot(HashIt):
busybox_src = os.path.join(self.portage_configroot, 'bin/busybox')
busybox_dst = os.path.join(self.kernelroot, 'initramfs/bin/busybox')
shutil.copy(busybox_src, busybox_dst)
+ '''
# 3. Make the squashfs image in the tmpdir directory.
squashfs_dir = os.path.join(initramfs_root, 'mnt/cdrom')