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New script to test swt integration with >=3.2.2-r1 immitating gjl launcher.
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+======== Instructions for >=dev-java-swt-3.2.2-r1 =========
+To run the test, execute
+The test should load to a window. This window does not
+seem to close properly so just pkill -9 java if you don't have anything else
+java running.
+You should test swt built agains firefox, seamonkey and xulrunner (if applicable)
+by remerging with various USE flags. It can be built and only against one of the
+three, so specifying multiple flags will result in effectively one, with this
+xulrunner > firefox > seamonkey
+So the test scenario for version that supports all three could look like this:
+USE="seamonkey -firefox -xulrunner" emerge swt
+pkill -9 java
+USE="firefox -xulrunner" emerge swt
+pkill -9 java
+USE="xulrunner" emerge swt
+pkill -9 java
+======== Instructions for <=dev-java-swt-3.2.2 =========
+ takes one argument that is the browser implementation swt was built
against. So for examples: xulrunner
@@ -16,4 +43,5 @@ USE="xulrunner -seamonkey" emerge swt xulrunner
pkill -9 java
-(if you put both in USE, it builds against xulrunner) \ No newline at end of file
+(if you put both in USE, it builds against xulrunner)
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+[[ ! -e Snippet128.class ]] && javac -classpath $(java-config -p swt-3)
+export CLASSPATH="."
+source /usr/share/java-config-2/launcher/launcher.bash