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* [licenses] Restore missing licenses from portage atticAndreas Sturmlechner2015-08-053-0/+1495
* Update Minecraft EULA.James Le Cuirot2015-03-111-79/+191
* Minecraft license.James Le Cuirot2013-09-011-0/+79
* License for "paulscode" SoundSystem.James Le Cuirot2013-09-011-0/+25
* [dev-java/h2] [dev-java/sqlite-jdbc] Initial import. Optionally used by Ebean...James Le Cuirot2011-11-201-0/+164
* tablelayout ebuild bumped, rewritten and moved from java-experimental to java...James Le Cuirot2010-01-311-0/+115
* New package jai-imageio. See bug #252249.James Le Cuirot2009-12-222-0/+277
* Move vldocking to java-overlay after review.Serkan Kaba2009-03-311-0/+513
* QA Fixes.Alistair Bush2009-01-245-0/+585
* related package moved to the main treeMiroslav Šulc2008-11-161-117/+0
* Add languagetool and its dependencies.Serkan Kaba2008-10-071-0/+52
* ganymed-ssh2 renamed to trilead-ssh2. Version bump to 213. maven-scm updated ...James Le Cuirot2008-06-091-56/+88
* add jibble.org license to java-overlaySerkan Kaba2008-04-111-0/+28
* Added license for jsr223Miroslav Šulc2008-01-281-0/+117
* Added lint4j licenseMiroslav Šulc2007-07-281-0/+115
* Added tmate to licenses, svnkit-1.1.3 version bumpJean-Noël Rivasseau2007-07-051-0/+47
* sequence-1.1.3 version bump, switched to split-ant, added sequence license fi...Jean-Noël Rivasseau2007-07-041-0/+48
* move also jdk licenses; bump 1.7 to new snapshotVlastimil Babka2007-04-112-153/+0
* Adding Java Distribution LicenceAlistair Bush2007-03-161-0/+150
* Added ganymed-ssh2 licenseMiroslav Šulc2007-02-251-0/+56
* Adding licence for jsonAlistair Bush2007-01-151-0/+9
* add licence to gglassfish-persistenceAlistair Bush2006-10-081-0/+93
* Added sun-jdk- with license, added license and changed desktop ...Vlastimil Babka2006-08-222-0/+153
* In portage.Krzysztof Pawlik2006-07-061-151/+0
* In portage.Krzysztof Pawlik2006-07-061-172/+0
* Fixed location.Krzysztof Pawlik2006-07-061-0/+172
| * Split generation 2 packages from gentoo-java-experimental to migration-packag...Krzysztof Pawlik2006-05-212-197/+0
* | In portage :)Krzysztof Pawlik2006-07-061-46/+0
* | Split generation 2 packages from gentoo-java-experimental to migration-packag...Krzysztof Pawlik2006-05-2120-2158/+46
| * Missed the license.Krzysztof Pawlik2006-05-211-0/+46
* Added jvmstat.Krzysztof Pawlik2006-04-301-0/+172
* Sun's JWSDP split ebuilds, eclass and license for them.Krzysztof Pawlik2006-02-031-0/+151
* Working on bug 50972, cruisecontrol.Joshua Nichols2005-11-131-0/+34
* Way to many things to have kept track of. I really ought to commit more regul...Joshua Nichols2005-10-072-3/+35
* dev-java/cosJoshua Nichols2005-09-231-0/+82
* Added dev-java/werkz (maven dep)Joshua Nichols2005-09-051-0/+47
* Forgot to include license for jispJoshua Nichols2005-08-231-0/+40
* Whoops, forgot a stray package not in dev-java, and a number of licensesJoshua Nichols2005-07-124-0/+543
* Added two bcla licensesPetteri Räty2005-05-162-0/+348
* The Netbeans licenses should now be in order.Petteri Räty2005-05-153-0/+230
* Added ebuild for javamakePetteri Räty2005-03-161-0/+35
* -Added notes to licensesPetteri Räty2005-03-121-0/+3
* Added licenses for mdrPetteri Räty2005-03-113-0/+592