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* Updated Makefiles again for man docsSeraphim Mellos2008-08-178-8/+8
* Updated MakefilesSeraphim Mellos2008-08-168-16/+54
* Added man pages and updated License info and README fileSeraphim Mellos2008-08-1616-0/+495
* Fixed a problem in salt generatorSeraphim Mellos2008-08-122-6/+14
* Added MD5 supportSeraphim Mellos2008-08-054-57/+167
* Minor fixes here and thereSeraphim Mellos2008-08-015-18/+3
* Makefile correctionsSeraphim Mellos2008-08-0114-0/+0
* Added md5 support to pam_unixSeraphim Mellos2008-08-0119-4/+308
* Completed pam_wheelSeraphim Mellos2008-08-012-0/+137
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh://planet-algol.com/home/fim/gsoc/openpam-modulesSeraphim Mellos2008-07-2610-19/+173
| * Merge branch 'wheel'Seraphim Mellos2008-07-238-8/+74
| |\
| | * pam_shells completedSeraphim Mellos2008-07-238-8/+74
| * | Makefile correctionsSeraphim Mellos2008-07-231-0/+40
| |/
| * Started pam_shellsSeraphim Mellos2008-07-211-0/+18
| * Redesigned pam_securettySeraphim Mellos2008-07-211-12/+42
* | Minor fixes all overSeraphim Mellos2008-07-262-7/+17
* | Added more pam flags supportSeraphim Mellos2008-07-101-4/+7
* Added TODO list in fileSeraphim Mellos2008-07-062-0/+0
* Fixed a bug in pam_securettySeraphim Mellos2008-07-064-21/+18
* Completed pam_permit/pam_denySeraphim Mellos2008-06-296-0/+257
* Completed pam_permit/pam_denySeraphim Mellos2008-06-291-0/+2
* Linux only branch. All BSD code removedSeraphim Mellos2008-06-292-165/+12
* Completed pam_nologinSeraphim Mellos2008-06-292-30/+140
* gentoo git overlays ready versionSeraphim Mellos2008-06-272-0/+0
* Added logging/debug msgs in pam_unixSeraphim Mellos2008-06-276-1009/+0
* Added logging/debug msgs in pam_unixSeraphim Mellos2008-06-227-24/+12
* Added logging/debug msgs in pam_unixSeraphim Mellos2008-06-2214-0/+286
* Completed pam_rootok and pam_securettySeraphim Mellos2008-06-214-24/+250
* Completed update_passwd function for pam_unixSeraphim Mellos2008-06-202-23/+233
* Completed shadow update mechanisms for pam_unixSeraphim Mellos2008-06-192-30/+267
* Added logging/debug msgs in pam_unixSeraphim Mellos2008-06-182-14/+7
* Fixed a bug with dummy authentication in pam_unixSeraphim Mellos2008-06-182-36/+108
* Added logging/debug msgs in pam_unixSeraphim Mellos2008-06-184-7/+7
* Added logging/debug msgs in pam_unixSeraphim Mellos2008-06-171-6/+6
* Added logging/debug msgs in pam_unixSeraphim Mellos2008-06-162-19/+39
* Worked on pam_chauthtok for pam_unixSeraphim Mellos2008-06-164-8/+293
* Solved some issues with passwd/shadowSeraphim Mellos2008-06-154-38/+43
* Trying to fall back to passwdSeraphim Mellos2008-06-156-54/+166
* Completed Makefile for pam_unixSeraphim Mellos2008-06-154-17/+23
* Started work on MakefilesSeraphim Mellos2008-06-159-0/+597