BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
multilibMerge tag 'portage-3.0.21' into multilibThomas Sachau4 days
masterbin/estrip: avoid copying directories in FEATURES=installsourcesSergei Trofimovich12 days
prefixMerge tag 'portage-3.0.21' into prefixFabian Groffen3 weeks
repomanrepoman setup.py: Add the new cnf/qa_data cnf/linechecks itemsBrian Dolbec3 years
xml-schematests: Include metadata.xsd for repoman testsMichał Górny5 years
infraegencache: Fix correct variable for repo_path.Robin H. Johnson6 years
gkeysportage/repository/config.py: Remove _manifest_cacheBrian Dolbec6 years
funtoo3git sync: use --depth 1 to reduce download sizeMichał Górny7 years
public_apiMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.overlays.gentoo.org/proj/portage into ...Brian Dolbec7 years
repoman-message-refactorRepoman check code cleanupChris Reffett7 years
portage-3.0.21portage-3.0.21.tar.gz  portage-3.0.21.tar.bz2  portage-3.0.21.zip  Zac Medico5 weeks
portage-3.0.20portage-3.0.20.tar.gz  portage-3.0.20.tar.bz2  portage-3.0.20.zip  Zac Medico7 weeks
portage-3.0.19portage-3.0.19.tar.gz  portage-3.0.19.tar.bz2  portage-3.0.19.zip  Zac Medico2 months
repoman-3.0.3portage-repoman-3.0.3.tar.gz  portage-repoman-3.0.3.tar.bz2  portage-repoman-3.0.3.zip  Zac Medico4 months
portage-3.0.18portage-3.0.18.tar.gz  portage-3.0.18.tar.bz2  portage-3.0.18.zip  Zac Medico4 months
portage-3.0.17portage-3.0.17.tar.gz  portage-3.0.17.tar.bz2  portage-3.0.17.zip  Zac Medico5 months
portage-3.0.16portage-3.0.16.tar.gz  portage-3.0.16.tar.bz2  portage-3.0.16.zip  Zac Medico5 months
portage-3.0.15portage-3.0.15.tar.gz  portage-3.0.15.tar.bz2  portage-3.0.15.zip  Zac Medico5 months
portage-3.0.14portage-3.0.14.tar.gz  portage-3.0.14.tar.bz2  portage-3.0.14.zip  Zac Medico6 months
portage-3.0.13portage-3.0.13.tar.gz  portage-3.0.13.tar.bz2  portage-3.0.13.zip  Zac Medico7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2007-09-08In depgraph.altlist(), try to merge asap_nodes sooner by giving them an exemp...v2.1.3.9Zac Medico1-1/+2
2007-09-08Bug #190268 - Avoid unwanted sandbox violations in src_test().Zac Medico2-3/+10
2007-09-07For bug #190268, filter SANDBOX_* from the calling environment so that theyZac Medico1-1/+2
2007-09-06In the topological sort for merge order, try to avoid selecting root nodesZac Medico1-2/+34
2007-09-06Reformat collision-protect output so that the list of file collisions isZac Medico1-2/+7
2007-09-06Convert myoptions from a list to a dict. (trunk r7714)Zac Medico1-6/+5
2007-09-06Move some of the less expensive QA checks before dep_check() so that they'reZac Medico1-106/+106
2007-09-06Skip the most expensive QA tests when --force in enabled since there's noZac Medico1-0/+6
2007-09-06Fix RepoMan's grammar. (trunk r7711)Zac Medico1-1/+1
2007-09-06Bug #110443 - Add a KEYWORDS.stable check for ebuilds that are added directlyZac Medico1-0/+28