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-- fix iret/lret/fpush not before mem load restarting
+- fix arm fpu rounding (at least for float->integer conversions)
+- fix CCOP optimisation
+- optimize FPU operations (evaluate x87 stack pointer statically)
+- fpush not before mem load restarting
- fix all remaining thread lock issues (must put TBs in a specific invalid
state, find a solution for tb_flush()).
-- handle fp87 state in signals
- add gcc 2.96 test configure (some gcc3 flags are needed)
-- optimize FPU operations (evaluate x87 stack pointer statically)
- add IPC syscalls
- submit a patch to fix DOSEMU coopthreads
lower priority:
+- use -msoft-float on ARM
+- use kernel traps for unaligned accesses on ARM ?
- handle rare page fault cases (in particular if page fault in heplers or
in syscall emulation code).
- fix thread stack freeing (use kernel 2.5.x CLONE_CHILD_CLEARTID)