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authorMarcelo Tosatti <>2009-09-14 08:48:43 -0300
committerMarcelo Tosatti <>2009-09-14 08:48:43 -0300
commit184b194ef1a8b8ce035d48c3fbdd72e3b4732869 (patch)
treea4e50b03279f2a140a99aca8689973090afa151d /cpu-exec.c
parentMerge commit '2637c754ccdb286890ed2a8d0d1da775dbd062af' into upstream-merge (diff)
parentFix sys-queue.h conflict for good (diff)
Merge commit '72cf2d4f0e181d0d3a3122e04129c58a95da713e' into upstream-merge
* commit '72cf2d4f0e181d0d3a3122e04129c58a95da713e': Fix sys-queue.h conflict for good Try to fix BSD breakage by 806b60248218bd5f74a8b070f5a99a864e8e51c6 Include sys-queue.h early to override system queue definitions on BSD Unbreak BSD: use qemu_fdatasync instead of fdatasync Use proper format conversion specifier when printing size_t value audio: remove lsbindex/popcount in favour of host-utils's ctz32 alsa: poll mode handling oss: poll mode handling audio: poll mode infrastructure gus: Do not manually free the state, qdev does it for us oss: Unbreak mmaping the ability to mmap oss fd on Linux Conflicts: exec.c kvm.h sysemu.h vl.c Signed-off-by: Marcelo Tosatti <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/cpu-exec.c b/cpu-exec.c
index 14f207491..8550617af 100644
--- a/cpu-exec.c
+++ b/cpu-exec.c
@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@ static void cpu_handle_debug_exception(CPUState *env)
CPUWatchpoint *wp;
if (!env->watchpoint_hit)
- TAILQ_FOREACH(wp, &env->watchpoints, entry)
+ QTAILQ_FOREACH(wp, &env->watchpoints, entry)
wp->flags &= ~BP_WATCHPOINT_HIT;
if (debug_excp_handler)