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authorAvi Kivity <>2009-07-28 20:55:27 +0300
committerAvi Kivity <>2009-07-28 20:55:27 +0300
commit7c75b2f8d098dffedd42b2a164f082af8b5681a8 (patch)
tree43ce3956a0687823442ceba5f830a1e04e4594df /kvm-all.c
parentMerge commit '452e475196a3f8b6b96d16bbaca727ebc1278a97' into upstream-merge (diff)
parentAdd getfd and closefd monitor commands (diff)
Merge commit 'f07918fdff76ace82b1ca3e53bbcddef069eb314' into upstream-merge
* commit 'f07918fdff76ace82b1ca3e53bbcddef069eb314': Add getfd and closefd monitor commands Add SCM_RIGHTS support to unix socket character devices Make tcp_chr_read() use recvmsg() sparc64 really implement itlb/dtlb automatic replacement writes sparc64 name mmu registers and general cleanup Give the kernel more room PPC: Round VGA BIOS size to page boundary Fix period initialization provide tests for pit in kernel and irqchip in kernel qemu-thread: use pthread_equal Link bios files when building out of tree portability fix notify io_thread at the end of rx handling Conflicts: qemu-monitor.hx Signed-off-by: Avi Kivity <>
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1 files changed, 13 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/kvm-all.c b/kvm-all.c
index 60c7b2f01..3b610d779 100644
--- a/kvm-all.c
+++ b/kvm-all.c
@@ -64,6 +64,8 @@ struct KVMState
struct kvm_sw_breakpoint_head kvm_sw_breakpoints;
+ int irqchip_in_kernel;
+ int pit_in_kernel;
static KVMState *kvm_state;
@@ -163,6 +165,17 @@ static void on_vcpu(CPUState *env, void (*func)(void *data), void *data)
+int kvm_irqchip_in_kernel(void)
+ return kvm_state->irqchip_in_kernel;
+int kvm_pit_in_kernel(void)
+ return kvm_state->pit_in_kernel;
int kvm_init_vcpu(CPUState *env)
KVMState *s = kvm_state;