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parentMerge commit 'c502715a74675b3554cf7bcd684b82c9733ecfae' into stable-0.12-merge (diff)
parentcirrus: Properly re-register cirrus_linear_io_addr on vram unmap (diff)
Merge commit '299e0bc52a5d56ff89ad8d7d09c82233cd8ccb6a' into stable-0.12-merge
* commit '299e0bc52a5d56ff89ad8d7d09c82233cd8ccb6a': cirrus: Properly re-register cirrus_linear_io_addr on vram unmap qcow2: Don't ignore qcow2_alloc_clusters return value qcow2: Don't ignore update_refcount return value qcow2: Allow updating no refcounts qcow2: Improve error handling in update_refcount qcow2: Fix error handling in grow_refcount_table block: Return original error codes in bdrv_pread/write qcow2: Return 0/-errno in qcow2_alloc_cluster_offset qcow2: Return 0/-errno in get_cluster_table qcow2: Fix error handling in qcow_save_vmstate qcow2: Fix error handling in qcow2_grow_l1_table win32/sdl: Fix toggle full screen win32: pair qemu_memalign() with qemu_vfree() vnc_refresh: calling vnc_update_client might free vs Musicpal: Fix descriptor walk in eth_send Musicpal: Fix wm8750 I2C address fix savevm command without id or tag reduce number of reinjects on ACK QMP: Fix asynchronous events delivery Conflicts: hw/cirrus_vga.c Signed-off-by: Marcelo Tosatti <>
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