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parentMerge commit '345c22aa80d1f6ddfe7898f721fd1be3bccb08f1' into stable-0.12-merge (diff)
parentUpdate version and changelog for 0.12.1 (diff)
Merge commit 'fe1b69708c72b163d3acdf2bb012e169d2d3dda0' into stable-0.12-merge
* commit 'fe1b69708c72b163d3acdf2bb012e169d2d3dda0': Update version and changelog for 0.12.1 Multiboot support: Fix rom_copy roms: allow roms to be loaded at address 0 Update for 0.12.0 release Update to SeaBIOS 0.5.0 Revert "monitor: Convert do_migrate_set_speed() to QObject" e1000: Don't muck with PCI commmand register monitor: do_balloon(): Use 'M' argument type monitor: Introduce 'M' argument type QMP: Update spec file QMP: Update README file QMP: Assure that returned data is a QDict QMP: Return an empty dict by default QMP: Only handle converted commands Update SeaBIOS to include PCI based option rom loading Signed-off-by: Avi Kivity <>
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