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| * add the debug line to the config.Preston Cody2007-12-311-0/+1
| * cleaned up the debugging. took out existing jobs lines.Preston Cody2007-12-311-9/+7
| * drop tab in heredoc terminatorAndrew Gaffney2007-12-311-2/+2
| * add get_interface_info() to get MAC/IP for register_client()Andrew Gaffney2007-12-311-2/+12
| * add interface config optionAndrew Gaffney2007-12-311-0/+1
| * add jobdir for server.Preston Cody2007-12-311-0/+1
| * added global for clientid, added to identify query.Preston Cody2007-12-311-23/+40
| * adding a check for existence of logfile in the configPreston Cody2007-12-312-2/+6
| * debug statementAndrew Gaffney2007-12-301-1/+1
| * log server debug output to a fileAndrew Gaffney2007-12-302-9/+19
| * add parse_command() and modify existing code to use itAndrew Gaffney2007-12-301-15/+28
| * adding query for get_jobs from old server.Preston Cody2007-12-301-6/+22
| * adding in the DBI commands, commented out, to actually do stuff instead of fa...Preston Cody2007-12-301-5/+22
| * adding debug() function.Preston Cody2007-12-301-11/+18
| * adding debug.Preston Cody2007-12-301-0/+2
| * removing hte getresponse stuff.Preston Cody2007-12-301-48/+35
| * remove END block as it seems unnecessary, since it looks like ssh dies by its...Andrew Gaffney2007-12-301-7/+0
| * add END block and clean up errorsAndrew Gaffney2007-12-301-8/+15
| * relative config file locationAndrew Gaffney2007-12-301-1/+1
| * remove run_test() stuffAndrew Gaffney2007-12-301-7/+0
| * modify all code using send_command() to pass output through parse_response()Andrew Gaffney2007-12-301-10/+8
| * implement debug() and modify all current code to use itAndrew Gaffney2007-12-301-6/+14
| * implement parse_response()Andrew Gaffney2007-12-301-4/+5
| * move get_response() code into send_command() since nothing else uses itAndrew Gaffney2007-12-301-7/+7
| * config updates.Preston Cody2007-12-301-1/+2
| * big changes. adding a whole bunch of code to flesh this out.Preston Cody2007-12-301-15/+88
| * adding a whole bunch of code here.Preston Cody2007-12-301-18/+130
| * adding fake server config.Preston Cody2007-12-261-0/+8
| * if to unless b/c of possible undef.Preston Cody2007-12-261-2/+2
| * copied config reading from the clientPreston Cody2007-12-261-3/+33
| * move connection string building into its own functionAndrew Gaffney2007-12-241-38/+52
| * implement IDENTIFY command with random response in serverAndrew Gaffney2007-12-241-4/+11
| * musta been too drunk to not remember mkpath.Preston Cody2007-12-241-1/+2
| * rename verbose to debugAndrew Gaffney2007-12-241-10/+26
| * config touchups.Preston Cody2007-12-241-19/+55
| * toss in a comment...just becauseAndrew Gaffney2007-12-241-1/+1
| * use a match and capture instead of split for parsing config file linesAndrew Gaffney2007-12-241-2/+3
| * ok, where to begin....Andrew Gaffney2007-12-241-17/+63
| * change var name from USERNAME to USER to match existing codeAndrew Gaffney2007-12-241-1/+1
| * adding config-related stuff.Preston Cody2007-12-242-6/+44
| * add servercmd commentAndrew Gaffney2007-12-231-0/+1
| * initial perl-based client and server with shiny IPCAndrew Gaffney2007-12-232-0/+43
* moving the old python scire server/client into a branch and out of trunk.Preston Cody2008-02-1720-3151/+0
* adding some module support code as well as a prototype pagePreston Cody2008-02-1710-152/+471
* adding in the minimal phpgacl code. this is all that is necessaryPreston Cody2008-02-167-6/+5795
* switching location for config.phpPreston Cody2008-02-161-1/+2
* config.php is now an example config. the realPreston Cody2008-02-162-3/+6
* fixing up the jobs stuff. halfway there i'd say.Preston Cody2008-01-165-102/+88
* adding calendar for use in setting the start and end ranges.Preston Cody2008-01-1416-2/+351
* remove minute and 5-min interval possibilities. 15 min is our minimum.Preston Cody2008-01-113-4/+4