Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* net-libs/ptlib: fixing a bug when ffmpeg was enabled without pipechanMounir Lamouri2009-04-023-2/+14
* net-libs/ptlib: version bump to 2.6.1Mounir Lamouri2009-03-243-1/+315
* net-libs/ptlib: fixing build with video disabled and sdl enabled by blocking ...Mounir Lamouri2009-03-203-5/+18
* net-libs/ptlib: fixing install when debug enabledMounir Lamouri2009-03-203-3/+11
* net-libs/ptlib: add ~x86 keywordMounir Lamouri2009-03-153-3/+7
* net-libs/ptlib: renaming use flag resolver to dnsMounir Lamouri2009-03-134-8/+12
* net-libs/ptlib: enable ansi-bool when using --enable-ansi-boolMounir Lamouri2009-03-123-3/+15
* net-libs/ptlib: version bump 2.4.4 to 2.4.5 + some enhancementsMounir Lamouri2009-03-124-47/+61
* net-libs/ptlib: missing filesMounir Lamouri2009-03-032-0/+16
* net-libs/ptlib: add ptlib-2.4.4, see bug 238617Mounir Lamouri2009-03-033-0/+328