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* Merge pull request #6 from SpiderX/masterDevan Franchini2017-05-221-0/+1
| * Adds uWSGI server supportVladimir Pavljuchenkov (SpiderX)2017-01-091-0/+1
* | config/webapp-config: Updates config to use eprefixDevan Franchini2017-02-151-3/+3
* {config, server}.py: Adds Tracd server supportDevan Franchini2015-06-191-0/+1
* Add support for www-servers/nginx and www-servers/gatlingAnthony G. Basile2011-12-301-0/+3
* Remove aolserver and add cherokee to the list of supportedMichael (kensington)2011-12-291-1/+0
* Do not use absolute path names by defaultGunnar Wrobel2007-04-271-0/+3
* New config option for the package manager.Gunnar Wrobel2007-04-271-4/+6
* Added current versionGunnar Wrobel2007-02-211-0/+229