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committerTim Harder <radhermit@gentoo.org>2014-12-19 21:30:48 -0800
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parent_portage: remove old tbz2tool completion support (diff)
_g-cpan: add initial g-cpan completion support
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+#compdef g-cpan
+# g-cpan-0.16.6
+local arguments
+ '(- :)'{--help,-h}'[Show help]'
+ {'(--generate)-g','(-g)--generate'}'[Generate ebuilds only (Requires working overlays)]'
+ {'(--install)-i','(-i)--install'}'[Try to generate ebuild for the given module name and, if successful, emerge it. Important : installation requires exact CPAN Module Name.]'
+ {'(--list)-l','(-l)--list'}'[This command generates a list of the Perl modules and ebuilds handled by g-cpan.]'
+ {'(--log)-L','(-L)--log'}'[Log the output of g-cpan]'
+ {'(--search)-s','(-s)--search'}'[Search CPAN for the given expression (similar to the "m /EXPR/" from the CPAN Shell). Searches are case insensitive.]'
+ {'(--upgrade)-u','(-u)--upgrade'}'[Try to list and upgrade all Perl modules managed by g-cpan. It generate up-to-date ebuilds, then emerge then.]'
+ {'(--verbose)-v','(-v)--verbose'}'[Enable (some) verbose output.]'
+ "--cpan_reload[Reload the CPAN index]"
+ {'(--ask)-a','(-a)--ask'}'[Ask before installing]'
+ {'(--buildpkg)-b','(-b)--buildpkg'}'[Tells emerge to build binary packages for all ebuilds processed in addition to actually merging the packages.]'
+ {'(--buildpkgonly)-B','(-B)--buildpkgonly'}'[Creates binary packages for all ebuilds processed without actually mering the packages.]'
+ {'(--pretend)-p','(-p)--pretend'}"[Pretend (show actions, but don't emerge). This still generates new ebuilds.]"
+ '*:modules:'
+_arguments $arguments
+# vim: set et sw=2 ts=2 ft=zsh: