Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Remove old.Michael Palimaka2014-12-313-77/+21
* Set REQUIRED_USE for python.Mike Gilbert2014-12-283-7/+11
* Add assert() patch by Martin von Gagern (bug #427010).Jeroen Roovers2014-08-133-6/+41
* EAPI bump. Migrate to python-*-r1.eclass. Use configure flag instead of sed s...Jeroen Roovers2014-08-136-5/+133
* Disable "debugging" which merely adds compiler flags.Jeroen Roovers2014-08-133-10/+13
* Stop configure from mangling CFLAGS (bug #519768).Jeroen Roovers2014-08-133-10/+15
* Cleanup due #22900Pacho Ramos2013-02-034-69/+19
* Add ~ppc64, wrt bug #414993Agostino Sarubbo2012-12-173-5/+8
* Add ~ppc, wrt bug #414993Agostino Sarubbo2012-12-103-8/+10
* Change manifest to new hashes.Jeff Horelick2012-07-051-17/+5
* Remove <herd>no-herd</herd>.Michał Górny2011-09-231-6/+8
* Remove <herd>no-herd</herd>.Michał Górny2011-09-231-1/+0
* Remove an empty append-ldflags wthat wasn't found anyway.Diego Elio Pettenò2010-07-283-9/+18
* Respect LDFLAGS. Remove useless .la file. Fixes bug #313841Markos Chandras2010-07-173-22/+82
* Removed -Werror, bug #260884. Fixed python dependency, bug #312189.Matsuu Takuto2010-04-043-14/+51
* virtual/libusb migration, bug #270039.Matsuu Takuto2009-09-233-7/+14
* Initial import. Submitted by Mark Karpeles, bug #234264.Matsuu Takuto2008-10-014-0/+80