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* Updating remote-id in metadata.xmlJustin Lecher2015-06-093-25/+31
* Change dependency from openssl to nettleChristian Birchinger2013-10-233-19/+22
* Final cleanupChristian Birchinger2013-10-233-21/+24
* Include fixes from the previous versionChristian Birchinger2013-10-234-52/+27
* Version bumpChristian Birchinger2013-10-234-7/+62
* Change manifest to new hashes.Jeff Horelick2012-07-051-18/+4
* Remove unnecessary USE static-libs requirement from dev-libs/openssl. Remove ...Samuli Suominen2011-12-143-8/+28
* Changed static use flag to static-libs. Removed || die from emake.Christian Birchinger2011-12-133-8/+11
* Fix wrong herd entry in metadata.xmlChristian Birchinger2011-12-132-2/+1
* Initial releaseChristian Birchinger2011-12-134-0/+49