Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Deprecate 1.6NP Hardass2015-07-113-18/+21
* Update metadata.xml with mate herdNP Hardass2015-07-113-22/+23
* Drop old Python implementationsMichał Górny2015-04-083-21/+26
* drop oldMatthias Maier2014-12-203-93/+18
* fix compilation for -python -python_target_*, bug #523860Matthias Maier2014-12-203-13/+34
* x86 stable, bug 513714Pacho Ramos2014-07-023-8/+11
* amd64 stable, bug 513714Pacho Ramos2014-07-023-18/+11
* Add ~x86, wrt bug #508072Agostino Sarubbo2014-06-073-18/+21
* Stable for amd64, wrt bug #509268Agostino Sarubbo2014-05-043-12/+21
* Version bump to 1.8.0.Tom Wijsman2014-04-113-9/+87
* Update dependencies per the consensus formed with ssuominen.Tom Wijsman2014-03-103-15/+17
* Remove guessed SLOT dependencies from gettext, intltool and pkg-config.Samuli Suominen2014-03-103-14/+18
* Further review of dependencies.Tom Wijsman2014-03-103-13/+15
* New ebuild for dev-libs/libmateweather, MATE library to access weather inform...Tom Wijsman2014-02-286-0/+142