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* Added ~alpha keyword.Thomas Cort2006-09-051-18/+8
* Stable on sparcGustavo Zacarias2006-06-231-3/+25
* Stable on amd64.Thomas Cort2006-06-071-25/+3
* Stable on x86; bug #123022Mark Loeser2006-06-071-3/+25
* Marking libmemcache-1.2.4 ppc64 stable for lighttpd depBrent Baude2006-05-241-20/+2
* Mark 1.2.4 ~ia64Aron Griffis2006-03-301-0/+10
* Mark 0.3 ~ia64Aron Griffis2006-03-301-3/+11
* Added ~ppc64Markus Rothe2005-12-171-13/+3
* hppa love courtesy of notopicMike Frysinger2005-11-291-0/+10
* hppa love courtesy of notopicMike Frysinger2005-11-291-12/+2
* Keyworded ~sparcGustavo Zacarias2005-09-211-2/+12
* Marked ~ppcLuca Barbato2005-08-311-12/+2
* Initial commit.Aaron Walker2005-08-281-0/+14