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* Mark arm64/m68k/s390/sh/sparc stable.Mike Frysinger2014-09-041-2/+2
* Stable for ia64, wrt bug #512012Agostino Sarubbo2014-08-231-2/+2
* Stable for ppc64, wrt bug #512012Agostino Sarubbo2014-08-211-2/+2
* alpha stable, bug 516310.Matt Turner2014-07-181-2/+2
* Stable for ppc, wrt bug #516310Agostino Sarubbo2014-07-131-2/+2
* x86 stable wrt bug #516310Mikle Kolyada2014-07-111-2/+2
* arm stable, bug #516310Markus Meier2014-07-111-2/+2
* amd64 stable wrt bug #516310Mikle Kolyada2014-07-051-2/+2
* Stable for HPPA (bug #516310).Jeroen Roovers2014-07-051-2/+2
* Add pcre-config to MULTILIB_CHOST_TOOLS.Michał Górny2014-05-221-1/+5
* Drop mint-specific -D_GNU_SOURCE as it is no longer needed #256824 by Alan Ho...Mike Frysinger2014-04-291-2/+1
* Replace multilib_build_binaries with multilib_is_native_abi. The two are equi...Michał Górny2014-04-281-4/+4
* Use multilib_build_binaries consistently, and the new multilib_native_use* fu...Michał Górny2014-04-211-9/+8
* Version bump.Tim Harder2014-04-051-0/+94