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* Really fix json-c-0.11 compatibility (bug #468610, thanks to Michał Górny f...Alexandre Rostovtsev2013-09-123-346/+51
* Fix building with json-c-0.11 (bug #467700, thanks to Markos Chandras for the...Alexandre Rostovtsev2013-04-281-0/+35
* Clean up old revision.Gilles Dartiguelongue2013-03-053-280/+0
* Version bump. Fix automake-1.12 problems with a proper patch.Alexandre Rostovtsev2012-09-222-0/+375
* Version bump with assorted bugfixes.Alexandre Rostovtsev2012-03-072-0/+346
* Add bug reporting library from the gnome overlay; needed for abrt.Alexandre Rostovtsev2011-11-164-0/+299