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* Marked ~ppc64 (bug #526068).Jeroen Roovers2015-04-303-19/+12
* Stable for x86, wrt bug #534684Agostino Sarubbo2015-02-153-18/+21
* Stable for amd64, wrt bug #534684Agostino Sarubbo2015-02-153-20/+23
* Version bump, fixes bug 520702; transfer keywords to 9999Andreas Hüttel2014-12-274-11/+76
* Keyworded on alpha, bug 520692Tobias Klausmann2014-11-213-9/+14
* add ~arm, bug #520692Markus Meier2014-10-103-18/+11
* Added ~mips to KEYWORDS, per #520692.Joshua Kinard2014-08-283-18/+21
* Add ~x86-fbsd. #520692Naohiro Aota2014-08-283-8/+21
* Marked ~hppa (bug #520692).Jeroen Roovers2014-08-233-18/+11
* Fix typo in desc. bug#520076Tomas Chvatal2014-08-174-21/+25
* We do not need the cppunit on runtime, just for tests.Tomas Chvatal2014-08-164-40/+44
* Initial commit. Framework for new libwp* and other libreoffice support librar...Tomas Chvatal2014-08-155-0/+139