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* clean up app-emulation/emul-linux which has been removedMichael Sterrett2015-06-013-14/+12
* oldMichael Sterrett2014-08-253-64/+5
* bumped EAPI to 5; converted deps to gx86-multilib, note that i had no access ...Ian Stakenvicius2014-06-263-12/+71
* Fix LICENSE, add bindist restriction, bug 505618.Ulrich Müller2014-04-153-8/+28
* tidyMichael Sterrett2013-11-143-19/+8
* use unpack_zip from unpacker.eclass instead of unzipJulian Ospald2013-03-293-15/+27
* Fix using of ${A} in pkg_nofetch. Bug #343179Alfredo Tupone2010-11-093-15/+8
* Tell people to go to the HOMEPAGE since this is apparently a very complicated...Mike Frysinger2010-05-213-7/+17
* Initial ebuild by James Le Cuirot #319041.Mike Frysinger2010-05-124-0/+78