Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Cleanup due #131845Pacho Ramos2014-11-043-6/+17
* Fix for bug #426662.Javier Villavicencio2012-07-223-30/+67
* Move EAPI assignment to top of ebuild, bug 411875.Ulrich Müller2012-04-133-5/+28
* Update patches for FreeBSD 9, add ALTQ useflag.Javier Villavicencio2012-03-104-5/+68
* Fix manpages install.Javier Villavicencio2010-04-213-17/+11
* Move all the patches to the mirrors, this removes a bzip2-compressed file fro...Diego Elio Pettenò2009-06-208-182/+24
* New version.Javier Villavicencio2009-01-278-3/+239
* Remove all old-style digests from the system and regen the Manifest files.Robin H. Johnson2008-01-312-15/+0
* Added support for FreeBSD 6.2.Javier Villavicencio2006-10-223-23/+16
* Add support for FreeBSD 6.1.Diego Elio Pettenò2006-05-013-16/+23
* Add pftop ebuild based on the one contributed by Javier Villavicencio in bug ...Diego Elio Pettenò2006-04-145-0/+82