Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Switch to sci-electronics herdSebastien Fabbro2013-06-193-24/+16
* Drop maintainershipAndreas Hüttel2012-09-113-17/+29
* Version bumpThomas Beierlein2012-02-114-3/+116
* Changed dependency on sci-electronics/ng-spice-rework to sci-electronics/ngsp...Denis Dupeyron2011-07-154-19/+14
* Fix user manual lookup. Add missing spice models for USE=examplesThomas Beierlein2011-04-284-7/+136
* stable x86, bug 341545Christian Faulhammer2010-11-013-18/+12
* Fix LDFLAGS and CXXFLAGS, remove icon extension in desktop fileAndreas Hüttel2010-10-314-14/+53
* Stable on amd64 wrt bug #341545Markos Chandras2010-10-193-18/+11
* Import from sci overlay. Fixes bug 74201.Andreas Hüttel2010-09-234-0/+115