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+ <dilfridge> gyakovlev: can you wgetpaste the agenda somewhere?
+ <gyakovlev> sure
+ <gyakovlev> !proj council
+ <willikins> ( dilfridge, gyakovlev, patrick, slyfox, ulm, whissi, williamh
+ <gyakovlev> agenda for todays meeting
+ <gyakovlev> let's start with a 1) roll-call
+ * gyakovlev here
+ * slyfox here
+ * Whissi here
+ * dilfridge here
+ * ulm here
+ <dilfridge> (though with 5sec lag)
+ * Whissi pings DrEeevil
+ <gyakovlev> DrEeevil: ping
+ <gyakovlev> let's wait 3 minutes
+ <slyfox> *nod*
+ <gyakovlev> ok let's go on
+ <gyakovlev> 2. Does EAPI 4 ban apply to revision bumps as a result of dependency changes?
+ <gyakovlev> there was a discussion on project ML with no final conclusion, what do you guys think?
+ <ulm> mailing list thread is here:
+ <dilfridge> "apply common sense"?
+ <slyfox> does not day it's banned :)
+ <ulm> it doesn't make much of a practical difference
+ <slyfox> eapis-banned = 0 1 2 3
+ <slyfox> eapis-deprecated = 4 5
+ <ulm> because e.g. repoman sees only that eapi 4 is deprecated
+ <dilfridge> of course we want people to upgrade EAPI, but if a non-maintainer needs to e.g. fix a dependence due to a pkgmove, it would be rather stupid to require it
+ <slyfox> why QA was not able to decide on their own?
+ <ulm> my suggestion would be to do nothing for eapi 4, and rethink the procedure when we ban eapi 5
+ <Whissi> +1
+ <ulm> for example, ban it only when the last ebuild is gone, i.e. when it is noted in layout.conf
+ <gyakovlev> ok what's the conclusion here? is it even votable or we just defer to QA?
+ <ulm> for eapi 4, there are not many ebuilds left, so whatever we decide, it will have little impact
+ <ulm> 353 ebuilds, to be precise ;)
+ <ulm> and it's not like they're about to be revbumped
+ * WilliamH here
+ <gyakovlev> WilliamH: we are discussing if "Does EAPI 4 ban apply to revision bumps as a result of dependency changes"
+ <gyakovlev> ok let's vote but defer implementation to QA, and we'll revisit for EAPI=5
+ <gyakovlev> please vote "Does EAPI 4 ban apply to revision bumps as a result of dependency changes?" reverse logic here, no means ban does not apply and motion passes.
+ * slyfox no
+ * gyakovlev no
+ * Whissi no
+ * dilfridge no
+ * WilliamH no
+ * ulm yes
+ <gyakovlev> motion passed, 5 no votes(no ban for simle revbumps), 1 yes (ban applies), 1 missing.
+ <gyakovlev> let's move on
+ <gyakovlev> 3. open bugs with council participation
+ <gyakovlev> bug #662982
+ <willikins> gyakovlev: "[TRACKER
+ <DrEeevil> oh sorry, I got distracted
+ * DrEeevil is delayed and mostly present
+ <slyfox> Looks like bug #574752 is on infra@ and there is some progress
+ <willikins> slyfox: "Rename portage-YYYYMMDD.tar* snapshots with gentoo-YYYYMMDD.tar*"; Gentoo Infrastructure, Other; IN_P; mgorny:infra-bugs
+ <Whissi> There was progress in last 30 days?
+ <gyakovlev> yeah delta snapshot bug closed
+ <Whissi> Cool. Missed that.
+ <gyakovlev> no activity within last 30 days in above bug, I'll ping them after the meeting.
+ <gyakovlev> moving on
+ <gyakovlev> bug #700364
+ <willikins> gyakovlev: "License council summaries under CC-BY-SA-4.0"; Gentoo Council, unspecified; IN_P; ulm:council
+ <ulm> nothing actionable for the council
+ <gyakovlev> i think it was supposed to be reassigned to ulm?
+ <gyakovlev> or I am confusing with other bug?
+ <ulm> yes, I can reassign to myself
+ <ulm> I think I suggested that last month already :)
+ <gyakovlev> yeah, ok please reassign and moving on.
+ <gyakovlev> 4. Open Floor
+ <ulm> done
+ <gyakovlev> thanks
+ <gyakovlev> let's wait for couple of minutes for open floor discussion.
+ <gyakovlev> ok looks like nothing for us here.
+ * gyakovlev bangs the gong.
+ <gyakovlev> meeting closed.
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