Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* add ebuild for rdumpfs-rota v1.0Paul Healy2016-05-072-0/+28
* add dep on logrotatePaul Healy2016-05-022-3/+4
* add postinst note about RDUMPFS_DEFAULT_ARGSPaul Healy2016-05-012-1/+6
* bump rdumpfs with no-remote-acl support ported forwardPaul Healy2016-05-013-32/+32
* add cron as a dependencyPaul Healy2015-09-202-1/+2
* add pdumpfs-rsync ebuildPaul Healy2015-04-232-0/+24
* update ebuildPaul Healy2015-04-232-3/+3
* add pdumpfs-clean v1.5Paul Healy2015-04-222-0/+24
* add ebuilds for pdumpfs 1.4 at github site - prepatched to run with ruby v2.+...Paul Healy2015-04-193-0/+83
* switch to makefile based installPaul Healy2015-04-142-7/+2
* add rdumpfs-rota ebuildPaul Healy2015-04-132-0/+30
* add acl use flag optionPaul Healy2015-04-082-0/+32
* add updated pdumpfs ebuild with patches for newer ruby and test case failurePaul Healy2015-04-014-0/+91