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* bump davmailPaul Healy2016-12-092-0/+87
* remove old davmailsPaul Healy2016-11-183-185/+0
* swith to openrc-run from runscriptPaul Healy2016-09-182-2/+2
* only amd64 for nowPaul Healy2016-06-072-2/+2
* dont call use function in global scopePaul Healy2016-06-062-0/+86
* bump ebuildPaul Healy2016-05-122-0/+87
* dont call use in global scopePaul Healy2016-02-142-10/+13
* bump davmail to 4.7.1; fix pmaint warns; remove old versionsPaul Healy2016-02-143-95/+17
* bump davmailPaul Healy2015-12-012-0/+87
* update manifestsPaul Healy2015-04-041-1/+1
* do keyword, restrict=mirror, license pass over the ebuilds; add pointer to ov...Paul Healy2015-04-031-1/+1
* add davmail-bin ebuildPaul Healy2015-03-246-0/+175