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parentsys-apps/systemd-units-9: fix fcron service file (diff)
sys-apps/systemd-units-10: remove lighttpd.servce, included upstream
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--- a/sys-apps/systemd-units/files/services-server/lighttpd.service
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-Description=Lighttpd Web Server
-# Lighttpd has a broken PID file handling scheme.
-# The PID file is written by the child, and this fools systemd's detection
-# of the main PID. So we run lighttpd as a foreground process.
-ExecStart=/usr/sbin/lighttpd -f /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf -D
-# Lighttpd does not support graceful reloading in a sane way, that's why
-# you can't reload this service. SIGHUP is for reopening log files, not for
-# reloading configuration.
-# Here is the procedure proposed upstream:
-# However, an attempt to implement it triggers an assertion in systemd-16:
-# Even after removing the wrong assertion, it requires systemd to notice
-# that the main PID changed. Systemd developers agreed that it is invalid to
-# change the main PID while reloading the service.
-# Anyway, the proposed scheme doesn't make sense even for a traditional
-# SysV init: while both the old and the new inscances of lighttpd
-# coexist, it is impossible to forcefully terminate them all without
-# using killall, as the PID of the old instance is not stored in any
-# file.
-# Configuration testing (/usr/sbin/lighttpd -t -f
-# /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf) is not supported by systemd-16 in a
-# meaningful way (it is impossible to block attempts to start, restart
-# or reload the service with a bad config). That's why this lighttpd
-# feature is not used.
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